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If You are Persistent, You will Get it. If you are consistent, You will Keep it!

Play . Train . Bond

Jo specializes in creating a calm dog that can toggle into a working drive dog(s). This even balance allows dogs to learn how to create an off switch and also to help provide dogs with an natural outlet for customized for their personality!

Jo trains for Good Manners, Behavioral, and Sport Dogs.

Jo uses structure to help create calm at the other end of the leash, and to provide outlets to help decrease the energy levels of your dog in a calm attentive manner. Jo believes a dog that is on the same team is a dog that can be social, and a great canine citizen.

Jo is primarily focused on training through positive methods, however due the difference in personalities of dogs. She also realizes that some dog are motivated through movement etc, and she has the tools on her tool belt for dogs that are not food motivated. She provides some balance in all of the chaos that is dog training.

Jo specializes in having a great dog hook up with their human and creating a heartfelt bond with food, toys, mushing, dock diving and other activities to help give another type of outlet for you and your dog! She wants your dog to have a positive and happ

She trains for Engagement, having your dog on your TEAM!

If your interested in e-collar training / electronic fence training, she is NOT trained in doing such methods. As part of this great community, Jo can refer you to other trainers that fit your needs.

Jo trains all of her own dogs with her methods that she feels the most comfortable with. Finding those methods to work for you will allow you to maintain your training. If you are not comfortable with the training the tools will fail. Your consistency no matter the type of training is of the utmost importance to success! Training is a lifestyle, simple changes will help your dog! There are no quick fixes training like anything else takes time.

Jo is currently studying for her Dog Trainer Certification, she believes in maxim support for trainers and their clients. Jo is a member of the IACP, and APDT. As she wants to be apart of professionally with all canine professionals, she wants to be able to contribute to all trainers no matter the methods of specialty.

Jo helps to create dogs that are attentive and that also can be a dog that is allowed to just be themselves!


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